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 Why Liquis Business Interiors chose AIS as our ONLY new workstation products.

You can call AIS the that could. And did.

You can call AIS the that could. And did.

They began as Affordable Interior Systems in 1990. In the beginning, they were strictly a supplier of remanufactured office workstations. Their goal was simple. They wanted to meet the need for a high-quality, affordable alternative to the leading brands.

Demand for their low-cost approach was high. It wasn’t long before they had expanded their operation and were handling all of the steps in the remanufacturing process. As the market evolved, AIS evolved with it. By 1996 they had shifted their focus to the production of their own brand of workstations. Fueled by demand for high-value office furniture solutions, they quickly became one of the top manufacturers of new products for the New England market. By staying lean and profitable, by continuing to serve businesses in fresh new ways, AIS exceeded their customers’ expectations for value even as they defied the expectations of their.competitors.

Between 2000 and 2007 alone, their sales grew from $20 million to over $100 million––a pace nearly 400 percent ahead of the industry. That placed AIS among the top seven systems furniture.companies by volume in the US. In 2005, they shed the long form name, Affordable Interior Systems and re-emergered as AIS. The goal of the name change was to re-brand as a manufacturer of new and proprietary systems.

AIS' success has enabled them to offer.companies large and small a unique.combination of superior design for a reduced cost. By exploring new ways to help their customers work more efficiently and more profitably, by staying smart and strong, they continue to grow. Yet at their heart they remain the that can. And does.

AIS has risen to high standards. By setting their own.

AIS has risen to high standards. By setting their own.

From the very start, AIS has taken a fresh, inventive approach to the office furniture industry. Rather than simply copying or applying conventional wisdom, they sought and developed their own more-efficient ways to manufacture and deliver high-quality products.

They have worked to establish their own high standards. And by doing so, they have streamlined production and design while improving the results of both. That’s why their operation works more efficiently yet produces a higher caliber product than their larger, more-traditional.competitors. Because of their unique manufacturing philosophies, AIS has continued to grow, constantly achieving, always offering a level of products and support few other.companies can match.

Their approach has earned them high praise, including the 2003 Shingo Prize for Excellence, and recognition by Industry Week magazine as one of the top 25 manufacturing plants in North America. But even more, they are pleased with these achievements they make on behalf of our mutual customers, including:

  • 90% of their product line is now available as a 10-day quick ship, making their lead time the shortest in the industry.
  • 98.7% of their orders ship when they say they’ll ship.complete and on-time.
  • They have the lowest number of freight claim incidents by volume in the industry.
With AIS, high standards give you unrivaled results, including: high-quality products, reliable delivery and service, and––the bottom line––prices that are up to 25% lower than the prices of.competing products.

Our build them to last. Our design them to be flexible.

AIS builds them to last. They design them to be flexible.

Before AIS designed better office systems, they built a They chose from the outset to be smarter and more efficient than their.competitors. Over the years, they stayed small, flexible and easy to work with, yet large enough to lead the industry with products that are durable, versatile and innovative.

As AIS has grown, they’ve remained true to their ideals: stay close to customers so they can hear their ideas, thoughts and needs; always work quickly, setting an unbeatable standard for responsiveness; and constantly explore new products and offers, new ways to exceed expectations and cut costs.

Today, you can see the results of the unique approach they take to their business. Their proprietary furniture lines, AIS Matrix and DiVi Panel systems are unique solutions for the market, delivering better options and configurations at more-affordable pricing than.competing products. Across all their product lines, AIS customers choose from a broad range of system configurations, each adaptable and adjustable to the changing office environment. Designed with flexibility and reuse in mind, AIS systems offer:

  • Easy reconfiguration with Off-Modular.components for optimal space planning.
  • Endless tile configurations with insert panels that easily remove to create a.completely new look.
  • Flipper doors, shelves and other.components, accessories and storage options available in various sizes to integrate about anywhere, no matter the space limitations.

AIS is green. And the future is rosy.

AIS is green. And the future is rosy.

Today, all AIS systems are GREENGUARD® certified and contain between 40% and 55% recycled materials by weight. The prestigious GREENGUARD Certification ensures that products have been tested to the stringent standards of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, and verified to have low chemical emissions.

AIS' environmental efforts aren’t the only way they’re leading the industry with innovative production methods and high-quality products. All of those products.come with a lifetime warranty and are:

  • GSA approved
  • Can contribute to LEED credits
  • ANSI/BIFMA approved
  • UL approved
  • BIFMA x7.1//M7.1 Indoor Air Quality Standard approved
By meeting the most-exacting standards of their industry, AIS has prepared themselves for the greater challenge: exceeding their own high standards. As they continue to do so, AIS will serve a rapidly expanding list of customers. AIS will continue to lead the way to exciting new solutions in office systems.