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Systems Furniture for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Cities throughout the Nation

systems furnitureIf you think you can’t afford sleek and stylish systems furniture for your office, Liquis Business Interiors gives you reason to think again. You’ll find a wide variety of both new and used workstation options at outstanding prices in our extensive selection. When it comes to new cubicles, we offer a product option with a high-end look without the high-end price – AIS cubicles. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of products from AIS, a company dedicated to making systems office furniture that is an affordable alternative to the exorbitantly priced products by leading manufacturers. These new cubicles come in numerous classic and contemporary styles to complement the décor of virtually any office.

Also in our inventory you’ll find many used and refurbished systems furniture options. Our used inventory is constantly changing and always filled with high-quality modular office furniture that we obtain from our office furniture liquidation services. Many of the workstations in our selection come from industry-leading manufacturers such as:

What separates the systems furniture in our pre-owned selection from that in your average office furniture warehouse is the outstanding condition you’ll find them in. While our used furniture is available at low prices because we obtain them at an exceptional value, you’ll never find substandard products in our inventory.  Only the systems office furniture that we deem to be of superior quality makes it into our selection for sale.

For more information on our systems furniture for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or any city in the nation, contact us today.

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