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 Pre-Owned, As-Is Systems Furniture

Contact us to discuss your upcoming systems (cubicles, workstations) purchase. Because our inventory changes daily, we are confident that we'll be able to match your needs. Below, you will see examples of projects that we've recently.completed.

This 20-station Allsteel Terrace 3.4 project, for an Austin based government contractor, consisted of 3 private tall office and 17 8'x10' workstations. This project was completed in 3 days.
This telemarketing center was made up of 40 low Herman Miller AO2 workstations. The project, for a branch of a based in California, was.completed on-time and under budget, in 2 days.
This 103-station construction firm project was.completed in 5 days. We used 6'x8' high-low systems in pods of 8 and runs of 6.
This trading firm project was for 84 Teknion trader stations and 23 Teknion private offices. The project was.completed in two stages over a 2 week period to allow for the customer's business continuity needs.