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 MWall - New Systems from AIS

MWall - Monolithic Panel System

An industry standard for performance and value, MWall is ready to support the demands of any office environment. Available in an extensive palette of finishes, MWall provides both value and design flexibility. Half-glass, full-glass and quarter-glass height panel options allow you to create open and collaborative work environments without sacrificing privacy and function. Download a MWall brochure here.

Accessibility and Line of Sight - A multitude of half-glass and full-glass panel options serve to open-up traditional workstations without.compromising privacy.
Quality at the price you want! Being economical does not mean.compromising design. The unique flexibility of MWall panels and.components allows you to create the perfect workstations for virtually any task.
Affordable Design Options - Why be limited by a catalog. Let your design ideas run free with AIS. Since AIS makes all their worksurfaces using state of the art design and manufacturing tools, you can create the unique office design with an affordable price tag.
Freestanding Tables - Utilizing the many AIS worksurface solutions with.complimenting support legs means limitless flexibility and mobility for any office environment.
Economically priced - AIS MWall is the perfect.combination of superior quality and functionality. With sleek, clean lines, and virtually unlimited design and configuration options, MWall meets your needs. Best of all, MWall is one of the most economically priced systems furniture products in the market.
Versatile Storage
Defining Spaces
Performance and Function
Teaming Clusters
Imagine and Create
Choose from a wide range of worksurfaces designed to enhance your office environment.
Pedestals are available in a variety of configurations to meet your storage needs.
Style on a budget!
Half-glass, full-glass and customized-glass height panel options allow you to create open and collaborative work environments without sacrificing privacy and function.
AIS offers flipper doors painted, fabric-covered, and laminated to suite your style. Flipper door units are the perfect storage solution, keeping workstations neat and clean.
Sturdy steel-to-steel connections and heavy-gauge steel panel hanger frames and raceways are some of the features that allow AIS to guarantee MWall for life.
Keyboard trays can be mounted to any worksurface for advanced ergonomics.
Innovative Design
Fabric-covered flipper doors can offer a softer look than traditional painted options.
Easily integrate tool rails into your workspace. Choose from a variety of paper management tools, shelves, pencil trays, folder sorters and more.
Design Flexibility