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Lateral Filing Cabinets for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Cities Nationwide

lateral filing cabinetsLateral filing cabinets are the perfect option for offices that need ample storage but don’t have a whole lot of extra space to relinquish for simply files. Similar to a vertical file, lateral filing cabinets have drawers that pull out from the front. However, the drawers are very wide and the files inside are hung side-to-side, which means there are no hard to reach files that require drawers to be pulled out far into rooms and walkways. Liquis Business Interiors offers an array of filing solutions, including many new and used lateral filing cabinets available at low prices.

If you’d like new products, you can find new office filing cabinets from Global in our selection. Global is dedicated to manufacturing top-quality office products using streamlined methods that keep the cost of their products far below those of most other manufacturers. From filing cabinets to office desks and more, you are sure to find outstanding options in our selection of Global products.

We are also a well known office furniture liquidation company, and you’ll find a wide array of used lateral and vertical filing in exceptional condition in our pre-owned inventory. We only place the office furniture that meet our high standards for visual and structural quality into our selection. Plus, since we obtain these furnishings at such a value, we are able to offer them at unbeatable prices.

For more on our lateral filing cabinets for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and more cities, contact us today or browse our current inventory online.

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