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 DiVi - New Systems from AIS


DiVi is designed to be the most cost-efficient monolithic and segmented panel system on the market.

It offers inrivaled benefits, including panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack configureations. The universal hinge connection system makes DiVi one of the quickest panel systems to install; its flexible polypropylene hinge ensures quick and easy panel connections. With this unique connection system, it's simple to construct 60/120 degree or 45/135 degree environments without unique connectors. Download a DiVi brochure here.

DiVi's flexibility makes it perfect for every application. Sophisticated environments can be easily achieved using segmented insert panels.
DiVi offers unrivaled benefits, including panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack configurations.
DiVi is designed to be the most cost efficient monolithic and segmented panel system on the market today.
DiVi Segmented, showcasing an Element Task in new silver mesh backing and base.
DiVi Monolithic
The Universal Hinge Connection System makes DiVi one of the easiest and cost efficient panel systems to install.
Large 6" Raceway with optional power & data separation septum a.comodates up to 100 Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables.
Glass is available with a variety of tinted and textured options.
Radius overheads are available in solid or perforated steel for economical design. Easy down mechanism can be added for increased ergonomic function.
With standard lead times, DiVi offers quarter-glass and half-glass insert panels. Use them to create an increasingly open environment.
DiVi easily adapts to new configurations and reuse. With the Universal Hinge Connection System, panels can be reconfigured with the same hinge.
DiVi is a GREENGUARD Certified product, meaning it has low chemical emissions and does not contribute to indoor air pollution.
DiVi can be easily updated for reuse in the future. Change fabrics on insert panels, add stack-ons... the possibilities are unlimited!
Wardrobe Towers with integrated filing are a great way to conceal jackets and miscellaneous items.
Mid-height shelves and whiteboards can be integrated to truly customize any employee's workspace.
Tool Rails are an efficient, easy to incorporate solution to keep workspace areas neat and clean. Paper flow tools are available in several styles to meet your needs.
Standard loop pull pedestals are available in box/box/file and file/file configurations.
Mobile Pedestals with optional cushion seat are available in a box/file configuration.